3D model of the skottbenk from Kverndal

Skjermbilde 2017-11-23 12.10.43
Screenshot of 3D model of the skottbenk from Kverndal in Målselv. 

To see the 3D model you can use the link, or web adress, below:


This is a 3D model of a skottbenk from Kverndal in Målselv, Northern Norway. It was made for the purpose of documenting a skottbenk for an assignment for the study Tradisjonelt Bygghåndverk at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

It is important to note, about the model, that the units in the file are in feet and inches, but these are supposed to represent the old Danish/Norwegian inches and alen. These are, with one such inch being approximately 26,15 mm, marginally larger than the English/American ones.

The reason I did this was to better follow the logic of the person/people who built this skottbenk, very probably using those old inches and alen.

However, if this file is to be converted into mm, etc. it will give a more accurate representation of the original if the model is scaled by a factor of 1,0295275591, or roughly 103 %.

Many of the parts of this skottbenk are made by axe, and even if the work has been done precisely, there are still variations in thicknesses and angles, indicating that the functions of the skottbenk as a whole were the main sought-after qualities.

Furthermore, there have been made changes and adjustments to the skottbenk so that now only essential surfaces are level and straight. It is also important to note that this skottbenk seem to have been built partly with the remains from an even earlier skottbenk.

I have attempted to represent this justly in the model, but may not have succeeded in all regards. I therefore think, if you attempt to build a skottbenk based on this model, you should assume that most measurements were by the makers intended to be based on Norwegian/Danish inches and alen, or fractions of alen by eighths.

There are also parts missing for this skottbenk to function properly. One theory as to how these may have looked can be found on the SketchUp 3D warehouse, or on the web page linked below.


You will find more information about, and photos of this skottbenk at: https://skottbenk.com/2013/10/05/skottbenk-fra-kverndal-i-malselv/

For information about skottbenker in general, and their uses, you may visit: https://skottbenk.com


Download this model at:


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